Common Misconceptions about Vaping

Most societies of the world are led by religious inclinations and most of them condemn highly on the act of smoking or vaping. Most of them do not understand the difference between smoking and vaping hence ending up classifying these two different acts as being the same which is a wrong perspective. These people end up giving side effects of smoking to vaping without even minding their different names. A lot of misinformation circulates around and people buy to that because both smoking and vaping involves inhaling and realizing of smoke.

Vaping is unhealthy like smoking cigarettes

People don’t know that cigarettes smoking and vaping are totally different first cigarettes have several chemicals that are carcinogenic which affect the lungs, sense of smelling and tasting. The smell of cigarettes is not good because it leaves a permanent on the user. Vaping does not contain these kind of chemicals that the cigarettes have instead it has fewer chemicals which are less harmful to the body. Vaping ingredients are free from chemicals such carbon monoxide, tar and cadium but has nicotine as the dominant ingredient which increases the chances of quitting smoking. Vaping reduces the amount of chemicals intake one takes as a result of smoking.

Vaping is more addictive than cigarettes

Some say that the vape juice contains a lot of addictive chemicals hence addictive. The reason behind coming up with e-cigarettes was to serve as a substitute to smoking because cigarettes contain chemicals that are more addictive. Vaping helps a lot those who have quit smoking to regain what they have lost like sense of smell and taste.

Vape juice contains Anti-Freeze

This belief comes in because of the main ingredient propylene glycol that is used as a food additive for ice cream and medication. Propylene is important because it is not poisonous and it is safe for a person to inhale.

Having no idea what is in your vape

This is used to scare away those who want to start vaping because it gives them a second thought and by doing that it makes them think vaping is bad. Unlike cigarettes the E-liquids contain or are made of four components which are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural flavors and artificial flavors. Specifically vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are mostly used in food industries which are recommended by medics to be safe for use.

A gateway to teen smoking

Every vaping product has its regulations and it has the age that is supposed to vape. It totally wrong to misinform that nonsmokers start by first exposing themselves to the smoking world through vaping. Vaping is a different product that is in the market with different users. It is absurd for one to quit vaping and start smoking because vaping has a lot of flavors that come with it which are more pleasant than smoke from cigarettes. The products of vaping are regulated and do not support teen vaping at all. Vaping is there only to meet the requirements of users and satisfies its legal users.